Packed in our cases was a dream.

To capture, in a single collection, the soul of a city.
Or rather, two cities: Brasilia and Seoul.
Cloaked in vision, two cities that break the rules and the mould.
Two urban worlds that have inspired a stunning winter wardrobe.
A wardrobe where sleek vertical lines create silhouettes that stand proud as their majestic towers.
One that nods to the offbeat, where a pink bus rides the pleats of a skirt and a varsity-style jacket…
Like lit windows or illuminated clocks on a skyscraper,
digital characters are set against a backdrop of colours straight
from the architect’s palette – petrol blue, concrete grey, bitumen black and neon red.
With these archi-textures, the future is in your pocket, whether you’re an urban idler or the more contempla(c)tive type.
The future as seen by cop.copine.
One that is open to dreams, to stolen moments spent wandering amid the city bustle, to the poetry of word necklaces and to winter chills and thrills.

It’s what we call taking the future easy.